Last month, us Meerkats went away for a retreat to focus on the kind of art and world we want to make… aaand we also had some creative fun.

We made “exquisite corpse” projects in a bunch of media (writing, drawing, film, sound). This means each person ads a little bit to what’s already been created, while only knowing a tiny snippet of what’s already there. 

Here’s the unedited, wacky, and wonderful exquisite corpse song we made together.

Alex is a meerkat! Check out his wonderful short via The Atlantic!


Who Do You Like? A Filmmaker Revisits the Notes He Got in 6th Grade

Alex Mallis got a lot of notes from girls back in the day, so he decided to bring them to life as a short video, The Last Colorful Note. Alternately funny, awkward, and ridiculous, the quotes are “95% verbatim.”

This film just won the Sterling Award for best feature at Silverdocs. Looks rad.

Rogers Remixed.

"this colossal and complex city was created by the collective will of the ant colony - The super organism."

Not a word… from your lips.

MOTHER by Joon-Ho Bong